Wrangler Protective Agency provides services to accomodate your security needs. We offer armed and unarmed uniformed officers, executive protection specialists, plain clothes officers, loss prevention, and low profile officers depending on your preferences. You have an image that we can help you fine tune into a great security stance for what ever or who ever you need protected. 


WPA's armed officers carry handcuffs, tasers, batons, mace, and firearms. They are fully capable of responding to a wide range of emergency situations and  are extensively trained to protect personel and property.


All WPA officers are trained in first aid, CPR, and AED. Some officers are licensed Emergency Medical Responders. EMR Officers are available upon request.



Unarmed officers are your traditional observe and report officers. They carry only flashlites and notepads. If emergency situations arise they will call the police. Unarmed officers cannot intervene in the same way as would an armed officer.


All WPA officers are first aid, CPR, and AED trained. Unarmed Emergency Medical Responder officers are available at your request.

Patrol Services

Wrangler Protective Agency offers a wide range of patrol services to meet your needs. Full time patrol, Night Patrol, Day Patrol, Patrol Stops every hour. Whatever you need we can make happen.


Do you have employees transporting large sums of cash, or items that are very valuable? Let WPA escort your employees to safe guard them and your property.

WPA also provides funeral escort services to control traffic and deal with stop lights and signs so your group is not seperated. Ask about our Military Funeral Special if your dearly departed loved one was a veteran.

Special Event Services

Our Officers are available for special events weather it is one day or a month long we can handle your event. Black Tie Officers are available to secure your event while maintaining a discreet presence.




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